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Pitcher serves 4. Your choice between white peach or dark berry red.
8 | 25
Havana Club rum, fresh mint, vanilla, brown sugar, soda.
Full Moon
Luna’s twist on an old fashioned. Bourbon, orange bitters, fresh orange peel, finished with oak smoke.
Gin, aperol, prosecco, fresh lime & simple syrup
St. Germain elderflower, pineapple & prosecco.
Blackberries & Basil
Blackberries, fresh basil, Havana Club rum shaken, spritz of Sprite.
Beyond the Cosmos
Vodka & gin shaken with white cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, amaretto & bitters.
Berry Serious
Vodka, St. Germain elder flower, lemon, fresh raspberries & ginger beer.
Bacon Caesar
Lucky Bastard Vodka, worcestershire, tobasco, fresh cracked black pepper & salt, clamato, maple bacon rim & garnished with a pickle bacon skewer.