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Seared Atlantic salmon with lemon, thyme, garlic butter and fresh herbs.
1/2 rack of lamb seasoned with Mediterranean herbs and garlic, served with a lemon oregano house sauce.
Pan roasted, creamed leak, lemon zest, thyme and truffle.
Pan seared smoked duck breast served with hay mousse, roasted beet puree and a rosemary brown butter sauce.
Chicken Roulade
House rolled chicken breast stuffed with rosemary, chevre, fig and caramelized onions. Served with a rosemary brown butter cream sauce.
Baby Back Ribs
Full rack of slow braised ribs, served with your choice of raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce or Greek style.
Athenian Chicken
Chicken breast stuffed with Greek feta and fresh basil. Lemon oregano house sauce.